Equations Editor in WordPress

August 11, 2008 at 12:27 pm | Posted in Math Learning | Leave a comment

  To Tell the truth, there are not only amazing persons, but also good tools here that support a good  environment to learn mathematics in WordPress.

  Yes! WordPress can include \LaTeX code in the post. See the announcement “Can I put Math or Equations in my Posts? ” of FAQ. You can type the mathematical formula on the blog. Just as the article show us :
So, taking these two definitions for example,

Definition3.6 The Jones polynomial V(L) of an oriented link L is the Laurent polynomial in t1/2, with integer coefficients, defined by


where D is any oriented diagram for L .

Definition6.6  The rth Alexander ideal of an oriented link L is the rth elementary ideal of the Z[t-1,t] module H1[X;Z]. The rth Alexander polynomial of L is a generator of the smallest principal ideal of Z[t-1,t] that contains the rth Alexander polynomial. The first Alexander polynomial is the called the Alexander polynomial and is written ΔL(t)

(Definition Resourse: W.B. Raymond Lickorish. An Introduction to Knot Theory, GTM175. New York:Springer-Verlag (1997). p. 26,55.)

Using this useful Latex code… expressing and discussing mathematic are never difficulity problems here. You can also try it. But if you haven’t known what Latex would be, you may also click”LaTeX–A document preparation system” to keep close and to attach it.


p.s. As for the two definitions in the post, Gee still not catch their true meanings in my mind after typing them. If anybody can explain them more clearly…Please and please tell me.


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