Do You Know The Parallel in gragh Theory?

March 23, 2009 at 2:00 pm | Posted in Math Learning | 2 Comments
A First Look at graph Theory

A First Look at graph Theory

“A First Look At Graph Theory” is  a good book for me if you want me to select books on the library.

Sorry for those like to vist these garden. There’s  some reasons made me leave off the blog for several days and not touched this one for some days. Thanks those can push me to the place I like. Appreciated here with lots of tears  for a hard and tiny life.

Graph Theory is the course that I never majored in before. But the interesting questions always attract some person.

But today, I am not to introduce the book. Gee just find some “interesting” and also “painful” things to share friends. Thus you can know the one, to be a mathematical student, is so great a person to distinguish these and study so much things that most people doesn’t underestand. You really deserve the applaus in several places.

Here are some examples from John Clark & Derek Allan Holon, 1999, p.7

Q1. Do you know “parallel” in junior high school?

Q2Do you know the “isolated” in complex variable?

Q3Do you know “simple” in Abstract algebra?

Think those questions and try to look at the following:


After look at these…

You really know what you learned before?

What is “parallel” “isolated“and “simple” in your mind?

Of course,…You can also choose to forget what the book wrote. That maybe the best way for most people, though the teachers who teach graph theory may stop you to do these stupid actions.><

“To be a student in the department of mathematics” is really a difficult and hard mission to overcome…Especially to  practice and describe one things with several ways in that fields like these.



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  1. two edges end in the same vertices are surely parallel.
    people would get confused from the word “end vertices”. notice that “vertices” is not a single but plural word. both edges A and B start at V1 and end at V2. of course they are parallel.

    isolated is a way to describe a dangling vertex.

    simple graph is a kind of graph. it doesn’t have parallel edges so that we don’t have to consider duplicate communicates between two vertices. it doesn’t have loop either so that we don’t need to worry about a non-stop traveling on a set of vertices.

    graph could have been investigated by math but right now more people in computer science are interested in such.
    maybe you need to get start from computer science related books instead of math literals.

    • Dear Mick, my friend,
      Thank you for coming here to see me. It’s really a long distance across! Are you in IEEE? The mail address seeems a little different:).
      As for the commets. Just like I told you on that night. Had known graph theory is very important in computer science before, but you know my difficulties if I was in our hometown. But we may study or cooperate graph together. As for computer science, you must wait me for n-years or choose to teach me like your students. But it seems very hard for you to treat classmate like students. Part became that my single-mind lovest is hard to chang so easily and this action must a forever deep hole for me…But if the days passed and passed, who knows the result.
      Also appreciate your encourage and the honest heart that want to help me. I will post some others next time to let you know if I still keep in the boxes.

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