2013Taipei Conference on Representation Theory IV

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Taipei Conference on Representation Theory IV

Taipei Conference on Representation Theory IV

A Winter School in Representation Theory will be held in the Institute of Mathematics of the Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, from December 16-19, 2013. Prof. Anthony Licata (Australian National University) and Prof. Ivan Losev (Northeastern University) will each give an 8 hour lecture series. Following the Winter School the Institute of Mathematics will host the Taipei Conference on Representation Theory from December 20 to December 23, 2013. Below is a list of participants who have agreed to give an invited lecture.

Invited speakers:

Vyjayanthi Chari (University of California – Riverside)
Tsao-Hsien Chen (Northwestern University)
Jie Du (University of New South Wales)
Michael Finkelberg (National Research University Higher School of Economics)
Dennis Gaitsgory (Harvard University)
Xuhua He (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology / University of Maryland)
Seok-Jin Kang (Seoul National University)
Syu Kato (Kyoto University)
Alexander Kleshchev (University of Oregon)
Anthony Licata (Australian National University)
Ivan Losev (Northeastern University)
George Lusztig (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Arun Ram (University of Melbourne)
Peter Trapa (University of Utah)
Jinkui Wan (Beijing Institute of Technology)
Geordie Williamson (Max-Planck Institut für Mathematik)
Weiqiang Wang (University of Virginia)
Ben Webster (University of Virginia)

Shun-Jen Cheng(Institute of Mathematics Academia Sinica)
Weiqiang Wang(Department of Mathematics University of Virginia)

Link: http://www.math.sinica.edu.tw/chengsj/lie_2013.htm
Poster: lie_theory2013


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