Letter to P

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P & Yeats

Dear P,

It’s a long time not talk to you. Do you know how happy I was when met you last week in NTNU, Taipei?  It always you give me some effort to keep my orientation(or central voice) going on and on. Trust the susceptibility between us will never decided.  My friend, my teacher forever.

Keep watching and looking at arXiv(http://arxiv.org/) to feel the field, thank you.

Select some words from W. B. Yeat, it maybe some mood:

We were the last romatics-chose for theme
Traditional sanctity and loveliness
Whatever’s written in what poet’s name
The book of the people; whatever most can bless
The mind of man or elevate a rhyme;
But all is changed, that high horse riderless,
Though mounted in that saddle Homer rode
Where the swan drifts upon a darkening flood.

Selectes from<Coole and Ballylee,1931>


Practice drawing between dark and bright side

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brick drawing on Jun 19th

brick drawing on Jun 19th

It takes me almost 4 hours to draw the brick. My uncle told me must use the exquisite eyeside to see the bright side and shadow…try to use the pencil with many different ways. And then, just like the drawing finished on June 19th, you may see on the post .Gee learned a lot during these hard days… Not only for drawing pictures, but finding my beating heart, It is a life process.

Maybe I will type the thought process changed and grew when I talked to more wonderful guy… “Thank you, all.” must be some words I would like to appreciate my family, friends and teachers. Though there is still a depression-days for me, remember that the light behide the shadow. You can choose to turn over with free action, except that the fixed cage never changed.

Sent the picture to Fei-Hung Ho

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A picture for Fei-Hung Ho…

Position: Teaching Building 7F

2008 Taitung International School/Workshop on Cosmology and Gravitation

1st write

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  It’s my first time to use the new blog of wordpress.com….For learning and making my dull brains become a clear one.

   Remember John Dewey. Always know “knowledge is power”(Sir Francis Bacon). Besure a wisdom person…Try to Make yourself stronger~~Your soul must needs springs, your body always needs foods. Touching the beating heart… what life be going on and on.

   Believe that nature will give you the answer result.

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